Besso was born in France in 1963.

His artistic adventure began when he entered architecture school at the age of 18. He spent three years there and took courses in drawing and introductory painting.

For many years, he moved back and forth between his two passions, music and painting, alternating guitar and brushes depending on the opportunities that presented themselves.

A self-taught artist, he met other painters on numerous occasion and these exchanges had a major influence on his work.

Working for years in watercolors and their transparencies, his discovery of certain great artists in the art brut (Dubuffet) and contemporary art (Basquiat) movements led his own art to evolve.
He then gave up paper and turned to the canvas and its materials.
The academicism of his forms metamorphosed into a kind of spontaneous writing. It ranged from that of children with their naïve images to that of enamored then rebellious adolescents and finally to that of adults, ending in a “perverse world”. “Life thus has us go from a child to an adult by making us sacrifice our innocence to life’s cruel reality.”
Besso attempts to trace this itinerary that no one can escape in growing up while trying to keep an ingenuous and spontaneous expression in his work, which despite everything, he feels, must include reflection.