Encountering a work by Stephan Chinikov is like receiving an invitation, an invitation to share his dreams, fabulous dreams that take form in a world built on his own aspirations.

With generosity, authenticity, in a bath of colors, all colors, those of life, of love. Those that move you by that strange feeling that they are talking to you, that they resonate in your inner depths, that they vibrate in harmony with your own experiences.
Those that make you smile in the same way as a memory from childhood. Those that make you want to escape, to forget what surrounds you to liberate you to take part in a frenetic dance in the enormous fleshy arms of those unusual characters, terribly likable, free and amorous, carefree and relaxed. Inhaled by life under the enchanting melodies of music that leads them into a dream-like whirlpool colored by epicurean pleasures.
We’d like to be like them. Rid of the burden of an existence made up of appearance and resignation to embrace the streets of Paris and take advantage of the wonders they offer us.
Light as air, floating in the middle of an unreal palette of feelings, giving ourselves over without the least hesitation to the joys of a romanticism amplified by the gentleness of springtime.

Encountering a work by Stephan Chinikov means encountering a humanistic and generous artist, a poet who makes colors ring like rhymes.
A melodious art constantly reminding us of the beauty of the things around us. So don’t hesitate. Accept his invitation to dance with life...