The power of De Gloire’s works lies in that wild energy that snatches our attention and propels us into an abstract expressionism that is less chaotic than it seems.

Under the assumed influence of Jackson Pollock’s heritage, the amazing profusion of colors orchestrated around incredibly methodical projections captivates and disconcerts.

We easily let us ourselves easily be drawn into the interplay of this hypnotizing tangle of strokes of an artist whose talent leaves no one indifferent.

Overwhelmed by his singular works with their infinite depth, we let our imagination plunge into a riot of colors that reveals, depending on the light, fascinating universes overflowing with energy, life and generosity.

In this new collection De Gloire also explores, once again in the large formats with which he best expresses his art, the interplay of symmetrical abstractions to thrust us into works with a fascinating geometry and vivid colors.