A French artist born in 1945, Alain Girard-Grenier recounts, in the features of his almost caricatural figures, moments of his life during which simple happiness emerged, with poetry and an always sparkling humor.

His world is that of bistros, urban and rural scenes, which he paints with that poetry that is his alone and that creates all the charm of his work.

His uses oils to enrich, over time, his work that seems close to the naïve style without really being it.

“The little music” of Alain Girard-Grenier is ineffable and its seeming simplicity offers us moments of pure happiness.

“Everything has changed so quickly that I like to rediscover settings that seems to defy time.”

Among his fellow artists from another time, Alain Girard-Grenier especially likes Utrillo and Toulouse-Lautrec. Along with his own art, he is interested in photography and cinema.
Talking about what inspired him most to paint, he says: “Everything, a scene from everyday life, a photo by Doineau, a song by Trenet, a drawing by Sempé…”

Alain Girard-Grenier has received many prizes for his paintings during his career and exhibits today in internationally renowned art galleries.