Anita Keilani was born in Canada in 1963 and received a degree from the School of Fine Arts of Montreal in 1989. The following year, she began to exhibit her works in the United States and Asia.

Her artistic approach involves the metamorphosis of the plant kingdom into that of the mineral.
Her painting works toward the representation of an abstract space and thus spans the limits of the unconscious.

These imaginary landscapes are the result of work on matter that the artist treats as living, combining sand and earth projected onto her canvases. This technique gives the pigments she applies on the surface of her works an authentic light.

Seeking to define a new dimension of the earth vis-à-vis the cosmos, Keilani explores this extraordinary geometry by wedding time and the sphere.
Stone, sun or eye, the circle appears everywhere and the measurement of time is inscribed in its curve. The past, the present, the future, time corresponding to the life cycle.
These images emerge with a delicate sensitivity on intense chromatic grounds.

A symbolic and esoteric universe par excellence, Keilani paints the time that passes in a bottomless hourglass, the sea plunging into the sky beyond the clouds, the sun and moon suspended on the same thread marking daybreak and nightfall in a deserted place where the human soul discovers light and shade so that it can survive... a part of eternity.