Ever since he was a child, Morten Pedersen has drawn and painted.
He grew up surrounded by nature in a small country town in Denmark.
He studied at the Copenhagen School of Art, as well as under the Canadian artist Steven James Back.
He loves the process of creating a composition that allows him to express and capture his mood.
He mixes oil and acrylic and uses graphic design tools. His work is abstract and expressive; paintings are always begun on impulse, guided by the harmony of colours and contrasts. Due to the long drying time of oil paint, the artist begins work on several canvases at the same time, creating series of paintings. He leaves them to dry in full view in his studio and observes them for several weeks. In this way he discovers the direction that he wants to take with them. Then he reworks them, repeating the process several times before the work is finally completed. He finishes his paintings with a few strokes of pastels.
His paintings consist of several layers and therefore his works change dramatically through the different stages. These changes create the artwork and only through this process can the work be complete and harmonious. It is also a personal journey for the artist. The work is a reflection of his state of mind; the layers are the stages of introspection, the colours are the heart of his work and represent the mood.
Morten Pedersen seeks to recreate in his "organic" work the contrasts, structure and composition that he observes in landscapes and in biological processes. Much like the Romantic painters, nature represents the artist’s state of mind.
Morten Pedersen is not a mere spectator ; his own introspection leads to an abstract work that reflects his inner workings.