French artist born in 1964 in Paris.

Passionate about contemporary and urban art, David ZAC draws his inspiration from Arman's New realism, César, J Villeglé, Warhol's American Pop Art, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jackson Pollock's Abstract Expressionism.

David is particularly fond of the themes of music, photography, fashion, graffiti, and icons. A lover of travel, open spaces and freedom, he also shares his world of mythical motorcycles and legendary cars. Women are sublimated in his work and are essential characters in his creations.

He composes his mixed media artwork around cult objects; always authentic, often musical instruments (guitars, violins, saxophones), cameras, Harley Davidson or vintage car parts, high heeled court shoes from Louboutin, Dior and other emblems of the world of luxury.

David use dripping, airbrushing, aerosol and stencil with acrylic paint. A true mixed technique that also uses collage, sometimes even neon tubes all cast in a crystal resin that gives such depth to his creations. His works are an eruption of colours and joy, the characters are in action while the artist takes the opportunity to trace their stories and realize murals all with depth; integrating aspects of painting and sculpture: ‘The 3D Wall Art’.