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Urban landscapes in three dimensions

Actualités de l’artiste

exposition du 7 novembre au 15 décembre 2019

brunch – dédicace
le 10 novembre 2019, à partir de 11h

vernissage – cocktail
le 7 novembre 2019, à partir de 18h

These unique works are wall sculptures in high relief made of lightweight raw steel plates that are  cut, weathered, sanded and rusted. A varnish preserves the natural and organic colors and textures of the metal.

The sculpture is hung on the wall with simple hooks.Daty studies the relationship between humans and their environment in his series of wall sculptures. Whether this relationship is set in cities or in nature, the ecosystems are constructed with energy and matter. He removes all the details from the object and keeps only its structure, the skeleton (concretized by raw steel) and the energy flows (illustrated by shadows, light and perspective). The spectator becomes a silent witness to these works, playing with the proposed environments by adding his own emotions.


21 & 24 place des vosges
75003 paris


+33 (0)1 40 27 05 75


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