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A realism that steps outside the frame

Actualités de l’artiste

exposition du 7 novembre au 15 décembre 2019

brunch – dédicace
le 10 novembre 2019, à partir de 11h

vernissage – cocktail
le 7 novembre 2019, à partir de 18h

Trained in design and art, Sibuet perfected his painting skill with his masters. 

Quickly, he moved away from the techniques he learned by exploring his own perception of the object and volumes, thus creating his signature. 

The artist structures shapes, colors and materials. He freezes movement in a profusion of lines creating an unstructured order. 

With a clever interplay of light and shade, he handles with delight the impertinence of his conception of the dialectic between vice and naivety. 

In his work, monochrome and figurative productions, the artist defies physical forces to enliven spaces with a deft combination of the beautiful, the sensual and the striking. 

Through his studio’s creations, he pays tribute to these masters that have inspired him and led him to the expression of his art: Pollock, Fontana, Klein and Mondrian, among others. 

The visual artist delivers, through his productions, the feeling of a deep almost anonymous liberty, in which the individual can find himself between reality and the unknown.



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