Line 2@2x

Heart to heart

Original and unique sculpture

Size: 17,5”x16”x17” in

45x40x43 cm


Carla Cinciripi

Since her childhood, Carla Cinciripi has felt a strong artistic vocation and a great passion for fashion. For many years, she sought her path in the world of art through experimentation: cut-out garments, painting on canvas, writing…

A self-taught artist, Carla trained herself in modeling techniques and started to develop her vision, and to give life to her vocation through the perfect combination of her two great loves: designer handbags and nature’s most precious gift: roses.

A handbag collector for many years, Carla, when she was a child, spend days looking at them, studying them and loving them.
Influenced by artistic trends from the beginning of the 2000s, she acquired a unique romantic pop style.

Roses are the other constant in her life, a natural element that has always fascinated her. Roses are a gift from nature, a gift for someone that we love, a gift for ourselves. Unfortunately, their life span is short.

Her works stop time and make the love of handbags and roses eternal.

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Line 2@2x
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