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Life between caricature and art naïf

Actualités de l’artiste

exposition du 7 novembre au 15 décembre 2019

brunch – dédicace
le 10 novembre 2019, à partir de 11h

vernissage – cocktail
le 7 novembre 2019, à partir de 18h

Alain Girard-Grenier is a French artist who is passionately in love with his country. And it is this love that he has us share through his intimate canvases. Simple takes on everyday life or good-natured and likable characters that transport us to scenes in which time seems to have stood still. Small slices of life that travel between nostalgia and humor, naiveté and caricature. Happiness is expressed in single forgotten moments of life that he enjoys describing to us as though they were part of our own memory.

Faithful to his charming style, Alain Girard-Grenier invites us into his canvases to stroll about in the regions of France seen through his eyes with simplicity and character in an effusion of soft and pure colors. Don’t wait a minute longer. Come and settle into these terraces, walk into these living rooms, stroll through these landscapes, take a seat at these bars, these tables and share with these everyday heroes carefree moments into which happiness quietly slips.



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